Archery equipment stolen in Midlands UK

Happy New Year to all readers and followers. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and wasn’t as unfortunate as myself who is still recovering from flu which I had over Christmas and New Year.

Sadly it’s not a great start for my good friend, fellow club member and coaching buddy, Andy who had his car broken into yesterday and had nearly all his archery gear stolen.
I’ve included  the text 0f his posting on the NFAS Facebook group which provides a description of all the stolen items below along with a picture Andy has given me of him shooting the bow.

Andy and the now stolen bow

Andy and the now stolen bow

“Some low life has stolen my Compound Bow set up from Blackheath in West Midlands.

If anyone is offered any of the following on the cheap please let me know.

Bowtech Carbon Knight 50-60lb that has a metal D-loop fitted
Cartel Stabilzers with a mybo off set bracket
Decut sight/MAC ten zone scope
Cartel kick stand

Arrows all marked up with Andy Robinson-Morris  for NFAS

10 500 spine Easton Fat Boys Red Flecthings
8 2212 Easton Eclipse Red Fletching
6 500 Gold Tip UltraLight Entrada green fletchings

all of the above were in a negrini hard case
Fivics quiver
Tru Ball Max Pro 4 Release aid
Cartel brace height gauge
gompy hair tab
Tanto style knife on the quiver belt.

Plus a black plastic extendable Avalon Arrow Tube containing a dozen wooden arrows (teal and white fletchings)”

Please help me get the message out to keep an eye out for Andys gear.
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That video again :-)

The internet seems to have been taken over by videos of Lars Andersen and his archery skills. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen it on Facebook or Twitter links

He came to my attention a while back and you can see the original posting I made here

I’ve included a link to the latest film is here in case you haven’t seen it

There are a few interesting different views being expressed on different forums. There is little doubt that he has amazing skills in his archery, but I’m not sure by some of the comments made in the video.

For this reason I’ve included this link to an alternative viewpoint.
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Archery Adventures becomes Merlins Archery Adventures

Some of you maybe aware of Archery Adventures YouTube channel ( which produces archery related video reviews. It’s been going for a few years and built up quite an extensive library of videos.
The site recently became Merlin’s Archery Adventures as I think it’s now sponsored by Merlin archery by the looks of it. Here is their introduction and watch the out-takes at the end
The site is worth looking at as it contains some useful information and advice for archers of all disciplines. I’d just like to say good luck Grizzly Jim hope to see lots more excellent videos.
On the note of Merlin Archery, they are opening a new store in August and I’ve pinched this photo off their Facebook site.
Merlin Archery new store

Merlin Archery new store

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Balance point of arrows – or a simple hack

A friend posted this on our clubs Facebook site and I thought it was a really simple and great idea, so I thought I would share it with all my readers, but as I said to him on Sunday. “I hope its not your best carving knife.

life hack for arrow balancing

life hack for arrow balancing

When trying to identify the balance point of your newly made wooden arrows it can prove very fiddly and there are lots of people and sites that suggest you can bend a piece of metal at a right angle etc. and use that. Well here is a very simple and quick way of doing this. Only one piece of advice take care and not to damage the arrow on the blade if its sharp…
As the “designer”  says is a “Simple hack and I’m sure you’ve all got this already. I was looking for a way to mark the balance point of my arrows and came up with the “ram a sharp knife into a block of wood” method.
Patent pending.
Surprising how different they all are!” Nice one Campbell
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Youtube videos by Wolfie Instinctive Archer worth a view

Some of you may have heard of a mate of mine and fellow archer Wolfie Instinctive Archer.

Wolfie runs a video blog  (when not developing his acting career) on youtube ( which is well worth a visit, and has a variety of reviews of equipment from bows to quivers and tips on shooting (one posting I’ve linked to in the past is Longlife Squirrel Blitz…)

I was talking to him at last weekends Hawk shoot (Shoot report to follow, sorry all been a bit busy this week) about a couple of recent purchases from Cupido  bows and how impressed he has been by their build quality and performance.

Well Wolfie has done a couple of video reviews recently on these  bows that I thought I might share. This is a link to his youtube channel and skip down the play list to the  Scythian Longbow by Cupido bows.

Please note I have no commercial connection to Cupido  bows or Pierre, but if you want to contact them here is Pierres details Pierre de Wet ( Pierres hasn’t got a website up and running yet but hopes to have soon. There is a Facebook page for Cupido bows (

As always thanks for reading and I’ll try and get the Hawk shoot report up this weekend.