Wear and tear on fingers

There was a recent blog post (Charles’ Archery Blog) on finger injuries and finger tabs, here’s a  Link to it
For that reason I thought I would post this observation about my own shooting and finger damage. I know it may not look much but believe me it hurts lots and I’ve found I can only shoot about 20 arrows before it becomes a serious problem.
finger wear and tear

Finger wear and tear

As you can see a callous has developed on the tip with the skin being very rough with it splitting and bruising developed.
I’ve avoided shooting for a couple of weeks to give it more time to heal, with the photo above showing what it was like after a week.

So what is causing it?

I think this was  something that developed after the Lyme valley shoot (Shoot report) where most people got soaked. This resulted in my hand got very wet and the skin cracking on the ring finger. The dye from my tab leached into the skin and it looked more like an open wound then cracked skin.

The effect of this on my draw is in an uneven draw and bruising on the ring finger and pain in the fingertip on the draw up and release. I’ve tried applying tape to the finger tip for protection but this doesn’t help.
I have found that Savlon intensive healing skin cream has helped the healing process too and is now an addition to my kit.
I think part of the problem is I’ve developed bad form in my draw which results in an uneven distribution of pressure across the three fingers. I think I’m going to have to work on my consistency of draw to ensure even draw weight on all fingers.
In addition, rather than going for a deep anchor into the first joint of the finger I’ve overtime let it slip to the finger tips. 
I’m also going to spend some time looking at my tab and wear patterns. I might look at adding another layer to it.
So guess it will be coach coach thy self. Hope this helps
Thanks for reading.


Archery and numb fingers

Very good posting from a very useful and informative site  on the issue  some archers can experience of numb fingers and methods to avoid damaging yourself.

Charles' Archery Blog

I first experienced numbness and tingling in my fingers while shooting barebow with a thin Damascus glove. The numbness didn’t go away, so after dealing with non-feeling fingers for a while I tried a bit of medical tape around the affected fingers in addition to the glove.

Med tape on fingers

The tape worked but was a chore because I had to apply it every time I picked up a bow. I also had to be precise with how much tape I put on, as varying amounts affected my shots differently. Suffice it to say that it didn’t take me long to make my way back to the land of tabs, and leave the Damascus glove behind.

Cavalier tab

A tab with two layers of leather was certainly better than my thin glove had been but after breaking it in, I found myself experiencing numb fingers again. This time, I did some research on the web and in the varying archery forums. I found that this wasn’t…

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20 Reasons Archery is the Best Sport EVER – Archery 360

Well worth a look.

Charles' Archery Blog

This excellent little article was posted in Archery 360, click on the picture below to go to Archery 360 to check it out.


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Bow and arrow practice video

Great video. Wonder if these guys were trying out for the Lord of the Rings elves in the Hobbit.

Charles' Archery Blog

Got a kick out of this one.. and a flip.


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Happy Christmas

snowy lane

snowy lane

I just wanted to wish everyone a

Happy Christmas and

festive season.

I hope you all have had a good year in 2013 and I’d like to wish all readers and followers a great 2014. Don’t know if we will have a white Christmas but I hope it is a safe and happy one for all.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for their support over the last 12 months, especially those that have posted comments on here or spoken to me face to face. Thanks guys.

I’d also like to thank all the archers who I have met and shot with in 2013, far too many to mention all here, but special thanks to Jim, Bob, Chris and Keith Harley, Steve and of course the very special lady in my life Sharon. There have been some great shoots (listed here) and championships (3D, nationals) this year.

Field archery is a great hobby which many can enjoy no matter their age or ability.

So keep safe, have a great festive season and good luck for 2014.

As always thanks for reading, Happy Christmas