Literature review – Beginner’s guide to traditional archery

There are a wealth of books, magazines and websites out there offering the archery related advice and guidance.
So I thought it a good idea if I put down my thoughts down on such sites I’ve found.
The first of these is a book review.
Beginner’s guide to traditional archery by Brian J Sorrells ISBN 978-0-8117-3133-1 Stockpile Books
I’ve found this book covers the basics pretty well. It is very easy to read with simple clear explanations of the key points. I often carry it in my work bag to read on the train.
I like the shooting exercise shown in the later chapters particularly interesting as they mirrored many of my own practice methods.
Think it works as giving an overview of archery for those interested in learning to shoot a traditional bow (recurve,  flatbow etc) but compound archers may find it less useful.
Beginner's guide to tradional archery
Overall I would say 9/10 as I really like the way it is written and find it an easy  read.
Thanks for reading

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